UPDATE: Civeo's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Civeo: Fort McMurray Fire Communication
(Updated 3:30 pm, 5.25.16)

(Edmonton) May 25, 2016 — In response to the devastating fires McMurray area, Civeo is continuing to make rooms at its lodge facilities available to incoming first responders, essential service providers to the City of Fort McMurray and customers.

Immediately following the evacuation order in Fort McMurray, Civeo accommodated approximately 6,000 residents including children and pets. All local residents have since been safely relocated outside the region. Many Civeo lodges continue to operate in support of first responders and customers whose projects have been unaffected by the fires.

The Fort McMurray wildfires continue to spread and remain unpredictable. For three weeks, Civeo has been operating a 24-hour Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and coordinating with government agencies, energy companies, first responders and other emergency response personnel. Civeo’s ongoing EOC efforts are focused on service continuity and on the safety of both its employees and guests.

As of 3:30PM on May 25, 2016, there is no immediate fire threat to Civeo lodges. While the situation remains challenging and unpredictable, Civeo continues to provide essential services such as food, water, laundry and transportation at all of its operating lodges.