UPDATE: Civeo's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ancillary Services

Civeo is one of the largest and most experienced integrated workforce accommodation companies in Canada; in the context of hotel chains, our volume of service delivery would qualify us as the fifth-largest hotel in the world. On any given day, Civeo delivers over 50,000 à la carte and buffet-style meals, housekeeping for 26,000 rooms, and provides baggage and logistic services for up to 20,000 people per day across two continents.

Janitorial Services

Across Canada alone, Civeo’s janitorial staff cleans more than 20,000 rooms every day – more than any other company in the country. Our vast database of staff means that we can hire locally for cleaning contracts, and our leveraged buying power allows us to purchase supplies at a lower cost, thereby saving our customers money.

Civeo’s decades of experience have helped us develop standardized training and procedures, meaning that you receive the same high-quality service, no matter what the contract size or the location.

Local employment, lower costs and high quality – these are our commitments to our clients.

Food Service Camp Catering

Civeo’s team of food specialists includes Red Seal and Blue Seal Chefs, who develop and oversee our menus and food services. Our extensive recipe management database ensures consistent quality, portion size and presentation for every dish we serve; and can address any culturally diverse, religious, medical and lifestyle-specific requirements of your workforce.

Quality and food safety are ensured through Civeo’s use of government-approved suppliers, staff training, stringent procedures, and our integration of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems (the United Nations’ international standard for food safety). We currently have NSF-trained HACCP managers and a certified health inspector on staff who oversee the development and implementation of Civeo’s food safety programs for every project we do. Consequently, we can proudly say that we have not had an incident of food-borne illness in the past 10 years of providing food services.

Commercial Industrial Laundry Service

Civeo’s state-of-the-art commercial laundry utilizes BluOx™ ozone technology: an environmentally sustainable, low-impact process that uses highly oxidized water to decrease the need for chemicals and harsh detergents. Our high-heat dryers and irons destroy all micro-organisms. The result is whiter, fresher-smelling laundry and linens with an extended lifespan of 20%, meaning happier guests and lower annual costs.

Our newly expanded commercial laundry facility, located just outside of Fort McMurray, Alberta, can handle 3,000 lbs. of laundry per hour, so turnaround time on any contract is quick.

Do you have a question about Ancillary Services?

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