Custom-built Facilities

Custom Modular Workforce Solutions for Project Locations Serving Western Canada.

Every job is unique and sometimes requires custom-built facilities designed to maximize the performance of your work site. Civeo does more than provide open lodges and rental fleets, we also have a full in-house design, engineering and construction team at your disposal when you need custom built accommodation facilities.

Together, we have the capability to build accommodations large enough to house more than 30, 000 people in local or remote areas throughout western Canada. The work doesn’t stop there. Our team of experts will attend to the transportation and installation of your custom builds along with continued, unsurpassed support throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Centralized Project Management

As a Civeo partner, your custom-built facility will receive fully integrated services, centralized project management and continuous collaboration between all experts involved to ensure a timely turnover from one stage of your project to the next.

  • Reduced overall timelines from conception to start-up
  • Consistent, singular focus on project vision and objectives
  • Reduction of management costs over the project lifetime
  • Rather than managing several contractors on your own, you’re able to focus on your core responsibilities

Design & Engineering

  • Facility design and project management
  • Engineering disciplines in-house include: structural, electrical, mechanical, environmental and civil
  • Drafting services and 3D parametric modeling
  • Modular, knockdown or site-built forms
  • Energy-efficient facilities
  • Engineering for extreme climates

Modular Construction

The scope of your project will not be an issue. Civeo has the capacity to deliver large scale projects with over 400,000 ft2 of manufacturing space in western Canada.

Advantages of modular construction:

  • Modular or site-built
  • LEAN practices maximize building efficiencies
  • Four international manufacturing facilities
  • Award-winning design (Modular Building Institute).

Site Prep and Install

All aspects and unique challenges of your operation are included throughout the design and construction phases of your facility. These considerations include the mode of transportation to your site and onsite installation and operation of your facility, which all play a key role in the success and smooth assembly of your custom-build from start to finish.

Our integrated site prep/install services include:

  • Permitting and ground work
  • Water and wastewater systems
  • Power generation
  • Facility installation and maintenance
  • Communications
  • Transportation (combination of truck, train, ship, barge, aircraft, helicopter and snow vehicle)

Do you have a question about Custom-built Facilities?

Please complete the form below to ask a question or learn how Civeo could help you. You can also find us at 1-800-314-2695 (Canada) or 1-877-248-3660 (US wellsites) or 1-504-394-1155 (US offshore).