EDI Services

Self-Serve Kiosk Dining

Amenities have vastly evolved in workforce lodges over the past decade. Gone are the days of stereotypical bland, unhealthy meals and long cafeteria lineups. We’re proud to offer you and your employees customized, à la carte meals at selected lodges through our proprietary EDI system (Latin “to eat”). This service supplements our existing food services, and offers guests a change from the regular available menu.

Food Ordering System

EDI provides guests with restaurant-style food choices; offering freshly prepared dishes from an extensive menu. These dishes are conveniently ordered using the automated EDI system and are hot and ready at your convenience.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

As with all of Civeo’s food services, EDI can make allowances for cultural, medical and lifestyle dietary requirements. EDI also continues Civeo’s commitment to providing our guests with food of the highest nutritional value and quality.

Quick and Convenient Ordering

With EDI, Civeo is able to lower line-up wait times and improve the speed and accuracy of guest food orders. The self-serve kiosks make it easy for guests to conveniently order their own meals, which are freshly prepared at the time of order submission.

Do you have a question about EDI Services?

Please complete the form below to ask a question or learn how Civeo could help you. You can also find us at 1-800-314-2695 (Canada) or 1-877-248-3660 (US wellsites) or 1-504-394-1155 (US offshore).