UPDATE: Civeo's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facility Rentals

Scalable rental units for short-term accommodations

When your operation is only for the short-term, your site requires tailored accommodation options that fit your budget, location, and number of on-site staff. With Civeo’s substantial fleet of modular rental units, you choose the appropriate accommodations and we take care of the rest.

Rental Units and Features

When you need modular rental units for short-term projects, trust our experienced team to recommend the best solution with the following options:

  • Dorms and offices
  • Kitchens, diners and recreation facilities
  • Wash Cars
  • Scalable, modular solutions
  • Customized installations
  • Site preparation and installation included

Do you have a question about Facility Rentals?

Please complete the form below to ask a question or learn how Civeo could help you. You can also find us at 1-800-314-2695 (Canada) or 1-877-248-3660 (US wellsites) or 1-504-394-1155 (US offshore).