Laundry Services (Canada)

Civeo: Your Laundry Facility Construction Specialists

Industries such as remote camps and oil fields, hospitality, hotels and transport each have unique textile and laundry service needs.

Civeo is Alberta’s leading commercial and industrial laundry facility provider. Regardless of the industry, Civeo provides laundry facility construction that meets the demands of your business. With our construction expertise and precise project delivery focus, you’ll know that your project will be to standard and ready when you need it.

Alberta’s Most Reliable Laundry Service & Delivery

Our central location in the Athabasca oil sands keeps travel time to a minimum and ensures that you get your delivery exactly when we say. You can find us on highway 63, less than 50 km north of Fort McMurray.

Civeo uses BluOx technology, which gives Civeo a strategy for shorter production times, and smarter allocation of resources. When using BluOx in the laundry plant, you will have a:

  • 90% reduction in hot water usage
  • 50% cut in total washer/sewer costs
    more than 80% elimination in the use and cost of caustic/toxic chemicals
  • 50% boost in productivity and while extending linen life 15 to 25%.

Powerful remote diagnostic equipment protects equipment integrity, safeguards benefits and prolongs machine life for years. The BluOx technology reduces water waste by using the rinse water from the final rinse in the next wash load.

Civeo’s built-in technology and equipment redundancy program prevents any customer from getting out of schedule. This program allows us to maintain ambitious schedules for clients who demand accuracy and reliability.

Fast, reliable commercial laundry services for remote camps and oilfields, that never hold you back.

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