McClelland Lake Lodge

Facility Assets for Sale

Civeo is accepting offers for the sale and mobilization of assets currently in operation at its McClelland Lake Lodge property located in the oil sands region of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Opened in 2014, the modular facility is designed to provide a welcoming retreat for approximately 2,000 guests working and living away from home.

For more information, please contact:

Scott Tymchuk
Director, Supply Chain Management
780-940-7054 | [email protected]

Kris Quinn
Vice President, Business Development
587-224-9888 | [email protected]

Facility Features & Specifications

For a detailed summary of asset features and specifications, including a listing of all facilities, equipment, and furnishings, download the McClelland Lake Lodge Sales Overview.

Detailed Features & Specifications Document

Virtual Facility Tour 

Need to get a better sense for the facility but can’t make the trip to experience the property in person? Click the link below to launch the virtual tour to navigate through the facility.

Take the Virtual Tour

Summary Listing of Assets

The scope of available assets available for sale includes the following structures, equipment, and furnishings.

  • 17 x Craft Dorms (3-story configuration, 109 rooms per dorm, 1,853 total rooms)
  • 2 x Executive Dorms (3-story configuration, 72 rooms per dorm, 144 total rooms)
  • Commercial Kitchen (21-unit configuration, 2,000 meal capacity per service)
  • Dining Room (22-unit configuration, 400-person capacity per sitting)
  • Bag-Up Room (6-unit configuration, 2,587 ft2)
  • Lobby/Reception (4-unit configuration, 2,877 ft2)
  • Commissary (3-unit configuration, 2,155 ft2 retail space)
  • Lounge/Games Room (4-unit configuration, 2,263 ft2)
  • Fitness Centre (10-unit configuration, 7,212 ft2)
  • Shift Entrance (4-unit configuration, 3,165 ft2)
  • Housekeeping Centre (7-unit configuration, 5,045 ft2)
  • Hotel & Flight Centre (14-unit configuration, 10,107 ft2)
  • Lodge Admin Office (3-unit configuration, 1,400 ft2)
  • Technology (networking, security cameras, TVs, video screens, etc.)
  • Maintenance and Utility Buildings
  • Fire Water, Potable Water, and Sanitary Tanks