Modular Facilities, Rentals, Sales & Services (Canada)

Proven ability to support client success

Based in Canada, Civeo is one of the world’s largest and most experienced integrated providers of workforce accommodations. For 40 years (as both PTI Group and under our new name of Civeo), we’ve built and operated top-quality pre-fabricated workforce accommodation facilities in remote areas.

While our name has changed, our dedication to helping our clients attract and retain the workers vital to their projects’ success hasn’t. Civeo continues to lead the industry in accommodation services and offers a broad range of solutions across three continents.

For short-term accommodations requirements, modular facility rentals are a cost-effective and customizable solution. Civeo’s equipment can be installed almost anywhere, allowing employees to live in close proximity to the project site. This reduces environmental impact, increases worker productivity and access, and provides flexibility by expanding or decreasing as the project

Our fleet features:

• Over 8,000 beds, specifically designed for remote regions and harsh environments
• Dormitories, kitchens, diners, recreation facilities and office complexes
• Scalable layouts to accommodate 100 to 5,000 people
• Turnkey site preparation, installation, operations and demobilization

Let us show you how we can best meet your specific needs and requirements.

What we offer

Transportation of Assets

Regardless of your project’s location, Civeo can deliver. Whether it’s by truck or barge, our experienced team can manage all logistics, permitting and regulations to make sure the facility is ready when you need it.

Installations and Construction

Civeo’s experienced and certified crews ensure that your facility is built and installed to the highest standards. Our attention to detail means that your facility will operate trouble-free for the life of your project.

Rental and Sale of Equipment

Civeo offers an extensive inventory of reliable modular solutions at competitive rates for sale, rent or lease. Our equipment is in excellent used condition, well-maintained, and offers a significant cost advantage over the purchase of new assets.

Camp Operations and Maintenance

From housekeeping and building maintenance to logistics and billing, Civeo will ensure that every aspect of your facility runs smoothly. Our interactive maintenance system quickly responds to guest concerns so that any problem is quickly solved, and our detailed maintenance plans address every aspect so that most problems never arise.

Camp Catering

Civeo’s team of Red Seal and Blue Seal Chefs have the ability to tailor menus to address any cultural, religious, medical or lifestyle-specific requirements. Our extensive menu database ensures the same high quality across all our facilities, and our à la carte EDI system is unique in the workplace accommodation industry.

Safety and Environment

Our leaders drive effective health & safety systems and promote strong cultures which have resulted in exceptional health & safety results. Our Total Recordable Incident Rate has decreased by 86% since 2013, and our construction groups have gone almost two years since their last recordable incident.

Civeo constantly strives to improve environmental performance by reducing our environmental footrprint. By leveraging green building practices, moving to more efficient commercial power sources, reducing, reusing and recycling at our facilities as well as creating a culture of more efficient use of resources, Civeo has been successful in managing our carbon footprint so as to improve emissions and reduce consumption.

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