Indigenous Carving Unveiled at Sitka Lodge

Published: September 27, 2022

On September 20th, we had the honour of unveiling a commissioned carving created by local Haisla artists for Civeo’s Sitka Lodge in Kitimat, British Columbia. In attendance were members of Haisla leadership and elders, District of Kitimat deputy mayor and council members, Lodge client representatives and guests, and members of Civeo’s executive team.

The carving was created by artist Charles Duncan Sr., shaping the piece from yellow cedar over a period of five days. The original artwork that inspired the carving was created by Duncan’s daughter, Sheila Duncan, who has worked with Civeo since 2018 as a Front Desk Administrator.

The Design – Building One House Together

Sheila’s original artwork is called Building One House Together and is on display in the lobby at Sitka Lodge. The piece is rich with symbolism.

“To me it represents teamwork,” says Sheila. “We are all working, building one house together. The animals all represent our Haisla Nation. Beaver, Raven, Eagle and Fish. The Beaver Clan has the highest chief from our community. Next is the Raven. When we have a settlement feast within our community, the Beaver and Ravens work together. The other clans, Eagle and Fish, work on their own.”

Sheila Duncan poses with her piece “Building One House Together” on display at Civeo’s Sitka Lodge.

About the Artists

The Duncans are members of the Beaver Clan from the Haisla Nation in Kitamaat Village.

Charles Duncan Sr. has been creating since the age of 15, learning his craft from Master Carver, Robert Stewart.  

Sheila Duncan is an accomplished artist in her own right, creating Indigenous artwork since learning from her father at a young age. Sheila acknowledges several influences on the art that she creates.

“My ancestors, my nation, my culture, and my family, especially my father, inspires me with my artwork.”

Charles Duncan Sr. putting the finishing touches on the carving inspired by his daughter’s artwork.

We are fortunate to have these original artworks on display at Sitka Lodge. This is a fitting opportunity for Civeo and our community partners to share Indigenous culture with the many guests we host from across Canada and around the world.