Workforce Catering & Food Services in Canada

Reaching far beyond simple cafeteria-style food, we have carefully honed our dining experience, offering fresh, nutrient-packed ingredients in dishes that are tailored to individual preferences and dietary requirements.

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Culinary Delight with Every Meal Served

Variety Tailored to Your Needs

Our menu cycles are regularly refreshed by our in-house development chefs. Whether it’s an omelet station in the morning or wok station in the evening, we have a range of options available to sustain guest interest and avoid menu fatigue.

Our Red Seal and Blue Seal Chefs who develop and oversee our menus and food service operations can address any culturally diverse, religious, medical and lifestyle-specific requirements of your workforce.

Consistency in Every Meal Served

Our extensive recipe management database ensures consistent quality, portion size, and presentation for every dish we serve.

Food Safety

We serve millions of meals every year, and with that comes tremendous responsibility and care. Quality and food safety are ensured through Civeo’s use of government-approved suppliers, staff training, stringent procedures, and our integration of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems (the United Nations’ international standard for food safety).

Our NSF-trained HACCP managers and certified health inspectors oversee the development and implementation of Civeo’s food safety programs for every facility and project we operate.

EDI Meal Ordering System

À la Carte Cook-to-Order Dining

Gone are the days of typical, bland, unhealthy meals, limited selection, and long cafeteria lineups.

As a supplement to our existing food services, our proprietary EDI digital self-serve kiosks allow guests to conveniently order their meal from our personalized cook-to-order touchscreens.

Available at select lodges and villages, EDI touchscreens are fully customizable for our clients and can be tailored to suit varying schedules or guest dietary needs.

As with all of Civeo’s food services, EDI can make allowances for cultural, medical and lifestyle dietary requirements.

EDI enhances the guest dining experience by offering:

  • Reduced line-ups and wait times
  • Personalized, à la carte restaurant-style menu options
  • Quick and convenient self-serve touchscreen ordering
  • Freshly prepared, made-to-order dishes, hot and ready at your convenience

EDI Meal Ordering System

Pre-Packaged Ready-Made Meals

Serving wholesale food suppliers, Civeo’s subsidiary brand, Red Table Foods, prepares individual pre-packaged ready-made meals, sandwiches, sides, salads, and bulk food items in high volume. From our 25,000 sq. ft. kitchen and production facility based in Edmonton, we have the capacity to prepare up to 30,000 menu items every day with distribution across Alberta.


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