Environmental Stewardship

Safe, responsible, and effective environmental management is the foundation of our daily operations.

Civeo fulfills this promise through our commitment to sustainable design, innovative ecological systems, responsible operations, routine monitoring, and ongoing maintenance programs.

Energy consumption, water management, land management, and reclamation are all important elements in our drive to minimize our environmental footprint.

Annual ESG Report

Responsible Water and Sewage Treatment

Sustainable management of water and wastewater is a significant part of our daily operations. Wherever possible, we conserve water through in-house water and wastewater treatment systems to decrease demand on local resources and infrastructure.

At Coppabella Village in Queensland, the treated greywater from sinks and washing machines is used as a recycled source of irrigation water for the village’s lush landscaping.

In Alberta, our on-site treatment plant purifies water drawn from the Athabasca River to use as potable drinking water. To complete the cycle, wastewater from our surrounding operations is treated to government health and environmental standards and returned to the river at a higher purity level than when it was originally acquired.

Innovative Laundry Services

35% less water use than conventional laundry

Civeo’s state-of-the-art industrial laundry facility in Alberta operates with the environment in mind. Through BluOx Laundry technology, the process uses elevated concentrations of oxidized water to significantly decrease the amount of chemicals, detergents and hot water used in traditional laundry cycles. This process eliminates all microorganisms, while increasing the life of our linens by 20 percent. In addition, our re-use water systems use 35 percent less water than a conventional laundry.

Semi-Annual Environmental Inspections

Civeo conducts extensive environmental inspections at each of our facilities twice a year. This ensures our performance standards are being met while identifying any potential risks to be monitored and managed. We also assess our preventative maintenance programs to identify changes that may be needed to keep current with environmental management best practices.

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