Health & Safety

A Culture of Prevention & Preparedness

At every level of our organization, you will find people committed to Civeo’s Making Zero Count culture of prevention and preparedness. The mandate established by our Board of Directors, the leadership provided by our senior management team, and the care provided by our frontline hospitality workers all contribute to our shared commitment to protecting the health and wellbeing of our people, our guests, and our neighbouring communities.

Annual ESG Report

Food Safety

Our food safety programs are recognized as industry-leading by both clients and government agencies. Civeo chefs follow comprehensive internationally recognized food safety control standards at every facility. Our Food Safety Inspectors work with our operations team to maintain the strictest standards in all our food storage and preparation processes. In addition, our health-conscious chefs ensure that meals are labeled with detailed allergen information and will meet with guests who have food allergies to develop individual menus.

Standardized Safe Work Instructions

Our safety culture is driven by active employee engagement. We believe in involving those who perform the work to identify hazards that exist in their activities and how to best reduce or remove them. We provide standard work instructions that detail steps on how to complete a task in the safest manner.

Our teams are trained, coached, mentored, and evaluated to conduct their daily tasks in a safe manner. Additionally, we continually develop and improve procedures with the use of external consultants in areas of occupational therapy and hygiene. We also have a team of kinesiologists on staff to help improve our procedures. This comprehensive approach has helped to significantly reduce, and even eliminate, some on-the-job injuries.

Managing Risks Related to Climate Change

Risks related to natural disasters and climate change have been evaluated for each of our facilities. Emergency preparedness and response plans aligned with internationally recognized programs (specifically, Incident Command System) have been developed and implemented for natural disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. Preventative measures such as increased fire guards, robust building designs, and proactively preparing worksites ahead of a possible emergency are addressed for each site. These plans are reviewed regularly by management to ensure they are properly implemented.

Civeo’s Crisis Management Program

By choosing to work with Civeo, you are served by a proven crisis management system designed to protect the safety of your people, and the integrity of your project.

Building on the Making Zero Count principles of prevention and preparedness, Civeo has invested in a formal, structured Crisis Management Program (CMP). The CMP includes a series of inter-dependent systems, processes, and tools that are ready to be deployed in response to crisis events if and when they occur.

A crisis is a serious event that can be real or perceived. It disrupts normal activities, can impact negatively on the security of your operations, and more importantly, the health and safety of your people. Crisis events like wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, and health pandemics are unpredictable and can occur abruptly with little or no warning. We know because our operations have experienced them all.

The ability to respond to crisis events in remote industrial settings introduces a unique set of challenges. If and when a crisis occurs, you want the confidence to know that those who support your project and care for your people are prepared to respond systematically and with urgency.

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