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Civeo serves the upstream oil and gas industry in some of the world’s most productive resource regions in Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Through stages of resource exploration, extraction, production, and pipeline distribution, Civeo cares for the many tradespeople and professionals working away from home in remote project locations.

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Our accommodations and hospitality support for land-based and offshore oil and gas projects takes many forms.

Extraction & Processing Plants

Civeo’s lodge and village properties are centrally located to support the construction and ongoing operations of large-scale extraction and processing of oil and gas resources where significant temporary or fly-in, fly-out labour is required.

Wellsite Drilling Camps

Our modular fleet of leased wellsite facilities can be installed almost anywhere, allowing your people to live at or nearby your drilling program.

Offshore Drilling Quarters

Living and working offshore presents a host of unique logistical and safety challenges. Civeo offers a diverse fleet of leased or custom-fabricated, certified, portable, workforce accommodation structures for use on offshore platforms, vessels, barges, and ships.

Pipeline Construction Camps

Civeo’s modular fleet of accommodations and hospitality services is well-suited to the temporary nomadic needs of pipeline projects, housing construction crews as they progress with installation along the right of way corridor.

Feature Project

Alberta Oil Sands Lodge Network

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Canada’s oil sands represent one of the world’s largest deposits of oil and gas on the planet. With a cluster of extraction and processing programs operating throughout the region, tens of thousands of workers are flown in from across Canada to fulfill the ongoing demand for skilled labour. Collectively, Civeo operates a network of 15 lodge properties in the region with an available room inventory to accommodate more than 18,500 workers. Civeo has also developed joint venture partnerships with several Indigenous communities in the region to provide economic growth, employment opportunities, and service contracts with local businesses.

  • Workforce Lodge Properties
  • Catering & Hospitality Services
  • Facility Operations & Maintenance
Feature Project

Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project

British Columbia, Canada

Coastal GasLink is a 670-kilometre pipeline stretching from the Dawson Creek area to the west coast of B.C. Once completed, the pipeline will transport natural gas to the LNG Canada facility near Kitimat. Civeo has supported the project with modular, relocatable workforce accommodations and hospitality services for four locations along the pipeline’s construction corridor with a total peak capacity of over 2,000 rooms. Engaging the local community, we are proud to have joined with two First Nation partners for this project: the Saulteau First Nation and Wet’suwet’en First Nation.

  • Modular Workforce Accommodations
  • Catering & Hospitality Services
  • Facility Operations & Maintenance
Feature Project

Shell Salsa Platform

Gulf of Mexico

Operating in the Gulf of Mexico, Shell’s Salsa offshore drilling platform requires a self-contained hub of crew accommodations and operations facilities. Engineered to precise platform specifications, Civeo custom-fabricated a six-building complex that included sleeper units accommodating 36 people, office space, gym facilities, a conference room, and a gear room. Also included was a medic building equipped with a sick bay, exam room, and a medic bunk. To make the facilities fully operational, Civeo also included a communications package with satellite TV for each bunk, wireless internet, platform phones, and fire and gas communications.

  • Custom Offshore Facility Fabrication
  • Internet & Satellite Communications Package
  • Open-Water Barging
Feature Project

Jagged Peak Drilling Program

Permian Basin - Pecos, TX

Civeo offers a scalable mix of modular accommodations to support wellsite drilling, completions, and fracking programs. For Jagged Peak, Civeo’s mobile facilities were deployed to serve as a base camp for the customer’s 100 employees working in the Permian Basin of West Texas. In addition to dormitory accommodations and fitness amenities, Civeo also provided a large conference facility to give Jagged Peak’s decision-makers a presence closer to their field of operations.

  • Modular Workforce Accommodations
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Conference Facility

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