UPDATE: Civeo's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What rosters are available to work at Civeo villages?

Our most common shift is 14 days on, 7 days off. However, we sometimes have positions available on a 5 days on, 2 days off roster. Generally, our advertisements will state the rosters available for a particular vacancy.

How many hours a day will I be expected to work?

Hours of work can vary depending on operational and departmental requirements. However, most of our employees often work a standard day of between 9-12 hours depending on your particular roster and position.

Is there any opportunity for paid overtime?

For our employees covered by our Enterprise Agreement, overtime is paid after your base ordinary hours in one day. Opportunities to work overtime do vary depending on our village requirements.

Do you supply uniforms?

Yes, Civeo supplies uniforms, including safety shoes and other role-specific PPE clothing, to all our site-based employees.

Will I be provided with meals and accommodation while rostered on?

We are in a great position to be able to provide quality meals and accommodation for our operational staff while on a rostered shift.

Am I allowed to stay at the village during my week off?

Civeo likes to promote a healthy work/lifestyle balance, and therefore we do expect that our employees will make the most of their rostered days off by returning home at the end of their rotation. It is possible to stay at our villages for an occasional day or two for a small fee however this is limited to a certain number of nights per year.

Is transport or fly-in fly-out provided?

For those travelling from Mackay, QLD to our Bowen Basin villages, we have a free weekly employee bus service between Mackay Airport and our villages. For all other locations transport to our villages is at the responsibility of the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Are there any employee benefits?

Yes, all Civeo employees have access to a number of employee benefits as part of their employment. These benefits may vary depending on an individual’s role and the region in which they are working. Some of these benefits include reduced living expenses through the provision of meals and accommodation, flexible rosters, and Health and Wellbeing programs including free gym use at all our villages. Employees are also able to access a number of savings and discounts through our preferred supplier network.

What recreational facilities does Civeo have to offer?

All Civeo villages have a gym with commercial-grade equipment, with free entry available to all employees. All villages have a convenience store where staff receive a discount on select items. Some villages also have bars, swimming pools and multi-use recreational courts, which are open to employees. Our larger villages in the Bowen Basin also have a staff recreation room which provides an opportunity for employees to relax with their colleagues.

Will I be paid for my week off?

Depending on where an employee is based their fortnightly pay may vary. In New South Wales and Queensland, all salaried employees and full-time employees covered by our Enterprise Agreement are paid an annualized salary on a fortnightly basis, which is outlined in their employment contract.

Employees in our villages in WA are a mix of annual salaried staff and hourly paid staff. Hourly paid staff pay may vary each fortnight depending on the roster and shifts worked.

Similarly, for our corporate employees who work 5 days on, 2 days off roster, their weekends are unpaid.

Will I have an allocated room where I can leave my belongings on my days off?

It is our aim to give Village operational employees an allocated room where possible. However, due to operational reasons, this is not always available.

What is the rate of pay for the role I am applying to?

Salaries are negotiated within an agreed band which reflects market rates. If you are applying for an operational role covered by our Enterprise Agreement, please refer to the relevant agreement for the applicable pay rates.

Will I be working in a remote location?

Civeo provides accommodation in key resource regions that are often remote. The majority of our positions are located in these areas. However, with the exception of our Coppabella village in Queensland, most of our villages are located in close proximity to regional towns. All corporate-related positions are located in our head office in Sydney or our corporate office in Brisbane.

How many days off will I have?

Generally, our site-based operational staff work a 14 days on, 7 days off roster. Other rosters such as 5 days on, 2 days off as well as casual employment are also occasionally available. Civeo’s Villages operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so duties may include night work and working on Public Holidays.

Is the work permanent or casual?

We offer a range of permanent and casual roles. This information is listed on all job listings.

How often would I be paid?

Employees are paid fortnightly in arrears.

What does the position entail?

A copy of the position description is available on request and is provided to all shortlisted candidates.

Does Civeo have a Whistleblower Policy?

Yes. Click here to download a copy of Civeo Australia’s Whistleblower Policy.