Where you need us, with the right solution.

With facilities located near key resource plays, you can count on Civeo for a full range of services to meet your workforce accommodation needs. We offer specialized expertise and tailored solutions for every stage of your project, allowing you to focus on your business and achieve your objectives.

Keeping guests healthy, happy and productive.

Focused on your success, we provide integrated accommodation services that extend beyond providing comfort to assure guests’ wellbeing. Our safe, engaging and efficient living environments help keep your employees healthy, happy and productive.

Facility Management

facility_mgmtWith a full-service approach to facility management, we are a true partner to our clients. Our food services, facility management and support services promote guest wellness and ensure efficiency.


Facility Rentals

facility_rentalsWhen you need short-term accommodations, we can tailor modular rental facilities to meet your exact requirements. Our scalable, cost-effective solutions include customization, site preparation and installation.


Wellsite Rentals

Our diverse fleet of rental facilities can be deployed efficiently and cost- effectively to wellsites to ensure the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce. We offer customizable solutions including facility and equipment rental and support services.



We provide a full range of offshore solutions for installation and use on offshore platforms, vessels, salvage, dredging barges and ships. Take advantage of our diverse rental fleet of more than 500 seaworthy accommodations.


Water & Waste

water_mgmtWe are one of the premier treatment plant operational specialists in North America, with a long history of developing innovative and highly efficient water management solutions for our clients. See the advantage of our cutting-edge technology.


Custom-built Facilities

custom_builtWe specialize in the design, engineering, production, transportation and installation of modular or site-built facilities. With our highly experienced global team, we provide unsurpassed support.


We are now Civeo!

PTI Group, The MAC, General Marine Leasing, Chimo and Mountain West have come together to form a single, global company focused solely on workforce accommodations.

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