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What is Mobile Check-in?

Mobile/ Self-Check-In is an enhancement to the guest service experience which allows you to check in to your accommodation via your mobile phone or computer. Our objective is reducing the wait time at your arrival.

How To Register & Who Is Eligible: All long term reoccurring clients are to use the Mobile-Check-In option. To register, you must complete an agreement form giving us the permission to send emails notifications concerning your reservations.

Complete the Mobile-Check-In Registration Form to the right to get started.

Departure Notification:
The day prior of your departure in our system, you will receive an email notifying you of your scheduled departure. If the information is incorrect you must contact your travel coordinator.

On the departure day, proceed to the kiosk to check-out. Keep the deactivated permanent key as you will need it upon your return to the lodge.

Book a Room:
Follow your company’s process to book a room.

Online Check-in:
Before 8 AM on your arrival day, you will receive an email notification. Mobile Check-In can start; Confirm your name, Badge Number and accept the lodge rules & sign your registration card.

Our front desk team will assign a fresh new room ready for your arrival.

Self- Check-In:
Once at the lodge, proceed to the kiosk; tap your key and follow the prompts for your room #.

When completed, the kiosk will activate your permanent key & confirm the room you are assigned to.

An email notification is sent to you which provides your room number & details on the lodge.


What if I forget to or cannot sign the documents online, can I still use the kiosk?

  • Yes, absolutely!
    Upon arrival, should any documents not be signed, the kiosks will give you the option to complete any required fields and pick up where you left off.

How do I know I have been successfully enrolled in this service?

  • Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive a welcome email confirming your enrollment to Mobile-Check-In. This email will confirm your personal information as spelled in our system. Please note our system is case sensitive. Let us know if you notice any typo.

How is my badge number assigned?

  • Your badge number is provided to you through Suncor.
  • Should you not have your badge number, kindly reference iLogistics, Suncor Travel or your travel coordinator for assistance.

Where do I get my key?

  • Once you register to self-check-in, the front desk will assign you a permanent key. This is the key that you will use when coming back to the lodge.

How do I check out now that I have a permanent key card?

  • Checking out is very important to allow us to prepare the room for the incoming guests. With having a permanent key card, you must check out using one of the kiosks.
  • Please remember check out times for:
    • Suncor is 7am for Day Shift and 6pm for Night Shift
    • Syncrude is 9am for both Day & Night shift

What happens if I lose my key?

  • Please see a front desk agent they will re-issue you a new key, there is a replacement cost of $10.00 for the replacement card.

Does it mean I am keeping the same room when I come back?

  • A new, fresh room is assigned to you on the day of the arrival. Your room number will be confirmed at the kiosk and in the check in package emailed to you after you have checked in at the lodge.

Can I use the Kiosks without opting in the Mobile Check-In option?

  • No, this option will not be available as you will not have a permanent key assigned in the lodging system.

Can I use the Kiosks to check out if I didn’t opt in the Mobile Check-In Option?

  • Yes, you can but please ensure that you return your key card to the front desk prior to leaving the lodge.

What if I don’t have an email address or a smartphone/ computer? Or what if I am not computer savvy?

  • Our front desk agents will be pleased to assist you. Self-Check-In is optional for each guest. A guest can opt into the Mobile Check In without providing an email address but will have to complete all steps at the kiosk when they arrive.