Award-Winning Performances. It’s What We Do.

Published: April 29, 2021

One of the cornerstones of Civeo’s culture is our shared purpose: Remarkable experiences for the people and communities we serve. By encouraging each other every day to meet this standard, we connect purpose to action in the hopes of making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

In the past year, our ability to deliver on our brand promise has been challenged by the ongoing pandemic. However, because of our service mindset and unrelenting pursuit of “remarkable” our customers and neighbouring communities are taking note.

This month, Civeo and one of its joint venture partnerships have been recognized for two award-winning performances: The Fort McKay Métis Nation President’s Award, and the ConocoPhillips Supplier Recognition Award.

Fort McKay Métis Nation President’s Award

On April 14th, the Fort McKay Métis Group announced Civeo had been honoured as the recipient of its inaugural President’s Award. This new award will be given annually to people or organizations who make a marked contribution to the well-being of the Fort McKay Métis community.

Ron Quintal, President of the Fort McKay Métis Nation, offered a thoughtful message recognizing Civeo’s ongoing engagement with the local community.

“Civeo’s approach to doing business is community-based, generous in spirit, and puts people first. Our community thanks them for being a leader in sustainable business in our regions, and for their support of our people.”

We extend our sincerest thanks to the Fort McKay Métis Nation. Being the inaugural recipient of the President’s Award is a true honour. We continue to be inspired by our partnership and its positive contributions to the wellbeing of the Fort McKay Métis Community.

ConocoPhillips Supplier Recognition Award

On April 20, ConocoPhillips announced that Fort McMurray Lodge Services (Civeo’s joint venture with Christina River Enterprises) had been honoured as one of 16 companies globally to receive its 2020 Supplier Recognition Award. Fort McMurray Lodge Services operates ConocoPhillips’ Surmont Lodge in Alberta’s oil sands.

“ConocoPhillips worked closely with our suppliers throughout 2020 to overcome the health and market impacts caused by COVID-19,” said Bill Bullock, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “The 16 award recipients distinguished themselves not only by responding well to these unprecedented circumstances, but also by delivering exceptional value to ConocoPhillips overall. Together, we overcame challenges, partnered to improve our business and achieved strong operational results.”

Christina River Enterprises (CRE) is a wholly owned business of the Fort McMurray First Nation. We are very proud of our partnership with CRE, the Nation, and the ongoing commitment of our operations team to “Doing Business Better”.